About Say It Africa
Say It Africa is a Social Networking Community for Africans and all, where you can socialize, create posts, comments and share your views on socio-economic issues affecting our continent in relation to the world with the aim to proffering realistic solutions as we deliberate on topical and trending issues.

About Say It Africa!

Among all the continents in the world, Africa is the world's second largest and second most-populous continent with diverse language, traditions, culture and people. Considered by history as the cradle of civilization, yet Africa today, is a synonym for hate, malnutrition, corruption, unending conflicts and wars caused by greed and power-hungry politicians. Hence, we have been termed different derogative names as "Shithole", "Third World", etc

Our Aim

Say It Africa as a community of Africans aims to tell our own story - our own narratives as people, strengthening the bond of brotherhood and friendship among the nations of Africa.